Outside Catering Edinburgh

Food for the office? We offer outside Catering Services to all businesses on the local area with both delivery and a collection option, 48 hours notice is required. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any special request or different options. Call us: 0131 5562622  or contact us via e-mail: info@crumbsedinburgh.co.uk

Breakfast Rolls 1.90pp ex VAT 

Bacon and Sausage Morning Rolls
Add Orange and/or Apple Juice 1.00pp ex VAT

Sandwich Platter  3.70pp ex VAT
A selection of wholemeal and white Sandwiches, Rolls and Wraps including vegetarian and no vegetarian fillings from our lunch menu.
Gluten Free Bread available.

Tortilla (Spanish Omelette) Selection 2.80pp ex VAT
A selection of vegetarian and no vegetarian delicious Tortillas presented already portion and accompanied with Salad and Bread if requested.

Cake Platter 1.70pp ex VAT
A selection of cakes and slices.

Fruit Platter 1.70pp ex VAT
A selection of fruit and berries.